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Whooo's the Chicken Thief?

Whooo's the Chicken Thief?
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Monday, April 26, 2010


By Lauren St. John

Recently orphaned, Martine's life takes a crazy twist. She has no other choice but to go live with a grandmother she has never met before. Her grandmother lives in Africa on a wildlife reserve which is much different from the life she was used to and knew. Once arriving to Sawubona, she meets another kindred spirit who foretells of a legendary white giraffe that no one has ever seen. "You have the gift, chile. Jus' like the forefathers said." Martine has more questions than answers in this new land with many secrets. Then one stormy night, she sees the legendary white giraffe - or is it her imagination. Intrigued, Martine takes the risk and dares to find out.

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