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Hello friends; You have found the perfect blog if you enjoy reading fun stories for children and love great illustrations. Visit often and follow my blog as I expand with many more book titles, poems and illustrations. I also will have information on my book series "Humble Stew" available, too.

Whooo's the Chicken Thief?

Whooo's the Chicken Thief?
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Silently it appears
without a sound;
Deep in the sky
a rainbow is found.

Each color is celebrated
so strong and true;
Purple, red, orange,
yellow, green and blue.

Not a single sound
this miracle makes;
But with one look
your breath it takes.

Stretching over
so far and wide;
With color and beauty
from side to side.

Drink it all in
like a sweet flowing song;
Before it's too late
it will soon be gone.

Copyright Rita Hensel