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Whooo's the Chicken Thief?

Whooo's the Chicken Thief?
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Written and Illustrated by Jane Hissey
Join in on the snow fun with Little Bear, Zebra, Jolly, Duck, Old Bear, Rabbit and Bramwell Brown in this "Old Bear" story. While the toys patiently wait for snow to fall so they can go outside to play, they find other things to do that remind them of snow. So the toys all take turns at using their imagination in creating fun things to do in their pretend snow. Like using flour to make believe they're in a snow storm. Snow bubbles which don't last. Paper pieces of all sizes for a blizzard, a box cut-out like a sled, and feather-snow from a comfy cushion they use to crash into when they try sledding. As Rabbit suggests to put some feather-snow around the windows, they all notice that it's really snowing outside. The toys are excited and can't wait to go outside to play in the real snow, when Little Bear decides it's too deep for him and Old Bear decides it's too cold for him. So instead, they enjoy some special snowflake biscuits inside while they watch the snow fall. Jane Hissey who is the author and illustrator of "Jolly Snow," blends her writing style and her beautiful illustrations to create a one-of-a-kind trademark known as the Old Bear Stories.
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